Diet by Jumping Rope

  • September 21, 2019

In addition to food, exercise is also a mandatory diet support activity. There are many fitness activities to try. Starting from the gym, swimming, to join Zumba classes. But if you don’t have time, you can work around this by jumping rope. Do it every morning before leaving for work and evening after returning from the office. Although simple, the jump rope has many benefits. You can also visit our website to know more about jump rope weight loss.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

– Build muscle
Not many women who want to build muscle. But it never hurts to increase muscle mass to make it look fuller. Well, jumping rope can be a medium for that. After several days of training, the muscles in the legs and arms will become stronger, bigger and firmer.

– Improve heart health
Jumping rope training regularly can also be healthy for the heart. When jumping, the heart rate will increase so that its performance improves. If you get bored playing jumping rope, you can replace it with sports that both have cardiovascular benefits such as walking or cycling.

– Lose weight
For 30 minutes of jumping rope, you can burn 300 calories. This number includes a lot when compared to swimming and running. So if you want to lose weight quickly, be diligent jump rope at least 30 minutes every day. If the body feels tired, take a break of just 30 seconds, then continue jumping again. Put on your favorite music so that this activity will become more fun.

If you want to go on a diet to lose weight but remain free to eat all your favorite foods, follow these instructions:

Exercise regularly
You may have heard this advice often, but it is true. When you go on a diet, your metabolic system will work more optimally if it is balanced with exercise and regular training sessions. Then the fat burning will be more leverage. Do exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

Consult to a doctor
Before going on a certain type of diet, for sufferers of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension or others it is advisable to consult with a doctor or nutritionist.

Eat the food you like
Diet doesn’t have to make you eat what you don’t like. Conversely, a diet will feel easier and more enjoyable, if you plan a healthy diet with the types of foods that you like.